5 Home Renovation You Should Make Before Selling Your House

5 Home Renovation You Should Make Before Selling Your House

If you are a home owner with plans to sell your home, there are likely some renovations you have considered before marketing your home for sale. Having wandered on worth exactly needs addressing now in other to gain a higher sales price, there are no straight answers to that but discussing with a real estate agent on the best course of action to take as regarding repairs before selling your property is a good move in the right direction. We have outlined some general recommendations that will help you make the right decision.


For prospective buyers, the kitchen is one part of the home that can make or break the sale. An attractive and modernized kitchen will make your home irresistible. Repair any drawers or cabinet doors, shelves or trays with noticeable misalignment, as buyers will inspect them for any default and this can affect your sales. Update the hardware by installing new knobs and pulls. Make sure the flooring of your kitchen looks new and If you have vinyl flooring with any tears or cracked tiles, get them fixed. Preferably, your kitchen renovation should earn at least 70% return on investment(ROI) when you sell your home. However this depends on the amount you spend on renovation and the features you choose. What matters is creating a kitchen that will appeal to potential buyers.


Although most buyers look at a property in its entirety before deciding whether to buy it or not, there are some areas of a house that bear more scrutiny than others. One of these special areas is the bathroom. This is an area where you spend most of your time at the start and finish of each day. An ideal bathroom includes a comfortable ambience and a clean tranquil. The bathroom is also a part of the house that will be seen by family members, friends and visitors so it should be remodelled to standard if you wish to get a good sale. You can update your bathroom with little investment. Change your tiles if they are already worn out to give the room a fresh feel, replace your toilet seat if the existing one is bad.
An unattractive bathroom is an instant turnoff to potential buyers. With this in mind, invest a bit of time and money to give your bathroom that ravishing finish in other to get your desired return on investment.


Fresh hardwood flooring has huge appeal, especially in a buyer’s market. If you have outdated flooring, consider changing it, especially if your home is located in high-traffic areas. Broken or scratched hardwood floors always have a negative effect on a buyer’s decision. Hardwood floors is an important flooring selections in a home and a well fitted flooring can totally change the appearance of a home. Most buyers prefer this type of flooring and as such it is important to make your hardwood floor looking clean and shiny by doing the needful if they are already bad. Your buyers get that good feeling when they enter your home and see its spectacular flooring.


It is good to make your home structurally sound and improve its overall appeal before getting it ready for the real estate market. When someone comes to your home for the first time, you need that appeal to get their attention right out of the gate. Replacing windows and doors of your home before selling will go a long way in convincing your buyers to buy your property for the desired price. Having good windows and doors has many advantages like convenience, security, safety and so many more things that any buyer needs before actually purchasing a property. When your prospective buyer comes to your home and they immediately have a smile on their face, this will help ease up the negotiation process and they will definitely want to know more about the property which can lead to an actual purchase. Well fitted doors and windows gives buyers a good first impression.


Painting is one of the easiest ways to update the interior and exterior look of your home before listing it. Remove any wallpaper as every buyer has their own perspective to decorations and it might not be appealing to some buyers. Painting increase the value of your home and makes it look new and modern. Try to choose simple color schemes when painting your home because you do not want to choose a colour that will turn off many potential buyers.